Rupert Taylor - Principle

Rupert Taylor

I’ve had an affinity with wood and began building with it from a young age. Being raised on a farm in West Sussex gave me the opportunity to discover my passion, and I knew from an early age where my future career would lie.

My career as a craftsmen started in 1987 when I began my five-year apprenticeship in reproduction antiques where I learnt the fine skills of cabinet making and creating bespoke furniture. During my apprenticeship I worked with Garvin Antiques while formally studying cabinet-making and joinery at college; where my work resulted in several distinctions.

On completion I developed my skills further while working with the bespoke kitchen specialist Kitecraft, creating unique kitchens for both residential and commercial clients. Over 20 years later I continue to work with Kitecraft where they assist in the creation of bespoke kitchens for my current clients.

To hone my joinery skills I worked with the renowned James Johnson & Co (Specialist Joiners) Where millimetre perfection was paramount when creating expensive and unique pieces. When working on the up-scale projects the company is predominantly involved in there are no margins or error which requires them to use only the best craftsman.  I am lucky enough to still enjoy a good relationship and continue to work with them from time to time when my skills are required.

I’ve also worked heavily in commercial construction sector which gave me the experience of working in large construction teams where cooperation between the trades was essential. I’ve been involved in projects for the police headquarters, courts and schools to name but a few. Through word-of-mouth, I’ve worked on several prestigious commercial projects in and around London including the FSA in Canary Wharf, Bank of America and Merril Lynch.

My background in cabinet-making, desire for perfection and an eye for detail has become well known and as a result I’ve been ultimately entrusted to oversee projects within multi-million pound contracts. As my reputation has grown I’ve been invited to work on exclusive residential projects in the houses of Belgravia, Eton and Sloane Squares. Often, prestigious clients wanted more than just good quality craftsmanship – they were looking for exceptional creativity, and I enjoyed being able to provide unique solutions.

Taylor Made WorkshopI eventually returned to my Sussex roots, setting up my workshop in an area where my family have lived for over 100 years.  I have been lucky to gain many loyal customers who return time and time again and who are kind enough to recommend me to their friends and family.

I pride myself on my attention to detail, cleanliness in my working environment, courtesy and honesty.  I also relish the opportunity to exercise my creative eye and enjoy being able to make my clients dreams a reality. I enjoy a challenge and being able to create solutions that others have had difficulty with, or where I can push the boundaries of unique design.

I believe that a testament to craftsmanship is the quality of the final finish. As a result I’ve often been brought in to “finish” another tradesman work which usually results in my gaining another client

Many clients have budgets to which they have set for a project. By understanding these budget constraints I can recommend alternative materials and methods in order for the project to come within price constraints.

For peace of mind I am also, fully insured and CRB checked.




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