Wood Restoration


Wood Restoration

restored period windows

At Taylor Made Carpentry we have a particular skill and love of wood restoration. We use our cabinet making skills & attention to fine detail to ensure that once we've finished you can’t see where the old wood joins the new.

We can remove the rotten segments of any wooden structure or feature and create new matching components.  We first disassemble the structure, restore what can be kept and replace aged components to match the existing wood, before reassembling and putting it back together again.

Often we are required to use reclaimed wood to help replicate the age and use distressing technique to match the existing woodwork.

We regularly work on Listed buildings where it is paramount that the character and period of the property is maintained. As a result we are used to working within English Heritage guidelines.


“The refitted parts looked 500 years old, I couldn't believe they were replacements”


During a restoration and where permission permits we can discretely add modern features. These can include adding seals to older windows and draught proofing traditional Sash and Case windows. This can help to improve the quality of the existing windows and to ensure they are fully operational, insulated and aesthetically enhanced.


We can also expose and restore old beams to create a unique feature. This can be particularly effective in barn conversions where the aged timber is often full of character and charm. We can help to bring out the best in the wood, replacing with care any rotting timber to match the other beams perfectly.


unrenovated door renovated front doors


We can restore furniture, and features of your home which you may not even believe salvageable. As with the window above we can millimetre perfect cut away rotten areas of wood and create replacement elements without the need of filling.


As with this old door we removed it and replaced it with a temporary one while we disassemble the original. Again replacing damaged parts stripping the wood back and then restoring it back to it's former glory.


When dealing with expensive hardwood's it is often more economical and certainly more effective to restore a feature than it would be to replace is. 

Un-renovated Door 

Renovated Door



Reproduction Parts


We specialise in reconstruction and building replica parts for period properties. We have particular skill in taking damaged period parts and recreating replacements that blend in exactly with the existing components. We have worked on numerous period properties and  listed buildings in the Sussex and surrounding areas.


A recent owner of a 15th century cottage was faced with a difficult situation when the handles and catches on their period doors needed replacing. Instead of replacing the parts with later metal or new wood components Taylor Made were able to source reclaimed wood and age it to match perfectly with the existing doors and surrounding wood work.


We were even able to hide the screws used by counter sinking them and creating bevelled pegs in the same wood to create a period feature. In total we hand crafted over 40 miniature pegs each distressed and made to fit the corresponding fixings.



The client was blown away, he had originally resigned himself to having the parts replaced with Ironmongery until we suggested a more period solution to his problem.


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